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How To Profit With Social Network Websites-Popular And Makes Money

Were you aware that you can profit with social network websites?  These sites are incredibly popular and are a great tool for any online or offline business.  Firstly, you need to understand what social network websites are and how you can use them to your advantage.  Social networking sites, like Facebook, are designed to bring people together, allow people to connect online, and allow people to meet new people.

People all over the world are using social networking sites to meet new friends, to connect with people they have lost touch with and to connect with friends or family that live close or live on the other side of the world.  These sites are an amazing opportunity to keep in touch with family, friends or colleagues.  You can find old school mates, sports mates or work mates that you haven’t seen for such a long time.  You can chat live online, send messages, share photos, share videos and more.  There are many social network websites, many are general sites and many are niche related.  There are social networking sites for business, dating, investing, music, art and many more.

If you enjoy connecting with people then social networking sites will be beneficial for you.  The other reason to use these sites is to promote your business.  You can connect with many potential customers by looking at their profiles and their interests to see if they share an interest in your business niche.

Sites like Facebook and MySpace allow you to upload photos, videos and music as well as creating groups and networks.  It is simple to create a group based around the niche of your business and invite people to join.  People can also find your group when they search for your niche and will join.  This is an amazing way to build a community of potential customers for your business.  Then there are niche social network websites that focus specifically on one niche so the community is already based around a niche.  If your business falls into a niche social networking site then you can join and you will instantly have a targeted audience.

When you join a social network site you need to join in the conversations and communicate with other members.  You don’t want to join and start spamming the site or you will soon get banned.  When you build up good relationships with the community members, those members are more likely to look at your profile and they will see the link to your business website.

Although social network websites were created for the purpose of networking on a social basis, they are a very effective way to build a business.  You can find social networking sites that are specific to religion, languages, age groups, interests and many more characteristics.  The business possibilities are endless with the large number of social networking sites available.

Not only are there many social network websites currently available but there are many more being created every day.  In fact, you could even create your own networking site if you chose to.  If your business is about books, art, dogs, weight loss, media or any other niche, there is more than likely a social networking site to suit that niche.  Then of course there are the big, popular sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube that have millions of visitors every day.  The possibilities for your business are only limited by your imagination when you are using social network websites for promotion.

All About Social Networking-Im Sure You Have Heard About Social Networking

I’m sure you have heard about social networking, after all it is incredibly popular worldwide.  With social networking websites people can connect with friends and family, meet new people and join communities.  There are many different social networking sites and some are targeted to specific niches while others are more general.  Even those general websites may contain groups that are to bring together likeminded individuals.  If you are looking to meet people that share the same interests then social networking is what you need.

There are many different social networking sites to choose from with the most popular being Facebook and Twitter.  These sites have millions of members worldwide.  Then there are a number of smaller social networking sites like Adult Friend Finder and Orkut.  There are also many niche targeted social networking websites like Ravelry and Library Thing.  These sites target specific interests so members can meet other people with similar interests.

What is Social Networking?

Social networking websites are really just one big community of people that come together to connect with one another.  You can socialize with people that live on the opposite side of the world.  You can chat, share photos and share videos with people all over the world.  You can meet people that share your interests and build new friendships.  You can locate people that you have lost touch with over the years.  When you join a social networking website you will create a profile and list some of your interests and then other may contact you or send a friend request if they share those interests.

Making new friends and socializing is just one of the many benefits that come with social networking sites.  Another benefit is the ability to meet people from all over the world.  Sites like Facebook have members in Australia, United States, England and many more countries around the world.  If you have family or friends that live in another country you can easily communicate with them through a social networking site.

Not only can you keep in touch with friends and families but you can also develop business partnerships and build a targeted audience for your business.  Many social networking sites will allow members to make friendships based on their common interests and characteristics.  You fill in your interests or your business information in your profile and others will find you based on those interests.  For example, if you have a business that sells children’s clothing then you can mention in your profile that you have a children’s clothing business.  You can also join parenting groups or start your own group and build relationships with other members.  When you build relationships on a personal level you gain the trust of your potential customers which will make them very valuable customers.

Social networking really is a fantastic way to meet new people for many reasons.  You can meet new friends that share a hobby or have the same religion or you can build business relationships.  Because social networking is so popular, it is a tool that business owners should use to their advantage.

Social networking is one of the fastest growing social and marketing tools available online, enabling you to contact potential clients all over the world.

How to Make Money Online During the Recession

How to Make Money Online During the Recession

Although we are presently confronted with what is generally thought to be the worst recession since the 1930s, the world of e-commerce continues to grow, showing few sign of peaking anytime soon. In an effort to get the most bang for the buck, savvy businesses and marketers are moving traditional ad spend dollars online in ever-increasing numbers.

This growth has not come without a price. Newspapers and periodicals across the country and around the world continue to fail at an alarming rate as readers (followed by representative ad dollars) continue to move to the Net.

Web 2.0 technologies present new opportunities and hazards

In an effort to make the most of this trend, thousands of astute Web surfers are actively learning to leverage Web 2.0 technologies in order to make money online during the economic downturn.

Just as surely as there are many eager to learn this nascent trade, so too is it certain that unscrupulous businesses and marketers will look to take advantage of these “e-newbies” with promises of riches from programs that “do all the work, while you need only sit back and count the cash.” As we have heard too many times before, “if it sounds too good to be true…”

Most online marketers fail

The simple truth is that most surfers with little-to-no marketing experience who turn to e-commerce as an income source fail. However, it is important to note that failure is no less certain for those who try to make it on their own, than those that fall victim to scammers.

I will elaborate.

There is no better place to start a business than the Web

Despite the fact that most online business ventures fail, the potential for earning vast sums of money quickly is far greater online than off. The Web provides heretofore unforeseen opportunities to anyone with access to a pc and an internet connection. To boil it down to a single factor-the Internet provides potential access to a virtually unlimited consumer base for a tiny fraction of the cost required to reach those same consumers via traditional marketing methods. Those that understand this concept and implement an effective plan to take advantage of it become wealthy.

Brilliant Internet concepts and the riches that follow are not necessarily the fruits of experience

One favorite example of high concept is “The Million Dollar Homepage.” This stroke of genius plan was hatched in August, 2005 by a young Englishman, Alex Tew, who needed a way to pay for university. In short, he decided that he would put up a Web page and sell space by the pixel (at $1.00 per pixel) to advertisers. He earned his million without spending a dime on advertising as Web surfers from around the world visited “The Million Dollar Homepage” just to see for themselves if it actually existed and what such a page would look like.

Of course, such high-concept sites are the exception and not the norm. People have made fortunes small and large with far more mundane ideas.

How much is one “dumb” idea worth?

In 1999 a shopper in San Francisco went in search of a certain type of shoe in a specific size and color. He left the mall tired, frustrated, and empty-handed. Back at home he decided that the task could be better handled online. His only problem was that there was no major online shoe retailer to buy from. That day, Nick Swinmurn founded “Who would be dumb enough to buy shoes online-without even trying them on?” people asked. Hundreds of thousands of customers and millions of dollars later, Nick had his answer-almost everyone. Despite the recessionary woes faced by most retailers, Zappos did more than $1 billion dollars in sales last year.

Alex Tew’s and Nick Swinmurn’s dreams really only had one thing in common, the fact that they would not have been possible without the Internet and its low-cost access to millions of consumers worldwide.

OK, OK, I get it. But what’s in it for me?

We’re glad you asked, and the answer is, almost anything you want-if you are willing to learn the skills required.

While the internet continues to have many success stories, it has many more failure stories, and those remain mostly unheard. There are thousands of budding entrepreneurs who may have had a good idea, but didn’t know how to effectively market it. Or, perhaps they were top-notch marketers, but had no idea on how to deliver the product cost-effectively. Or perhaps they just lacked the fortitude or the dollars to stick it out.

Please, no more stories; just get to the point. I have things to do.

While the Editors at Top 5 Online Jobs rarely agree about much, we are virtually unanimous in the opinion that most budding online entrepreneurs fail because they are generally undercapitalized and too easily discouraged by the almost inevitable initial failures. Far too often they quit just before reaching the “tipping point”-that magical moment when the idea begins to realize a profit.

From the mouths of hucksters…

If you are old enough to remember get-rich-quick king of “tiny classified ads” infomercials, Don Lapre, you might recall this pitch:

“If you can create and test one tiny classified ad in the newspaper that makes just $30-$40 profit in a week, it could make you a fortune, because the secret is learning how to take that one tiny classified ad that just made $30-$40 profit in a week and to realize that you can now take that same exact ad and place it in up to 3,000 other newspapers around the country…”

You can almost smell the hair gel.

Despite Don’s reportedly questionable business practices which made him subject of many a Better Business Bureau complaint, his thesis was correct. If nothing else, Don understood that the concept of scaling could be used in marketing to multiply a campaign that shows a small but consistent profit into a small (or even large) fortune.

Today’s Web is a Don Lapre dream come true-potential access to a virtually unlimited number of eager consumers-if you can figure out how to reach them cost effectively. And while the ROI on successful Internet campaigns is difficult to match in the offline world, the Web is also a place rife with costly and frustrating hazards that chew up and spit out budding online entrepreneurs with clock-like regularity.

How shall I begin?

The very first thing is to decide what type of an entrepreneur you are or would like to be:

1. The Fiercely Independent Entrepreneur
This person is a strong-willed, highly motivated, self-starter. This sometimes egotistical entrepreneur would rather succeed or fail on their own terms rather than follow in someone else’s footsteps. This is a high-risk, high reward approach and not for someone who is easily dissuaded by initial failures. This entrepreneur’s Achilles’ heel is the tendency to enjoy the hunt more than the feast. However, this entrepreneurial type is far more likely to launch the next Million Dollar Homepage, Zappos or Twitter.

2. The Template Entrepreneur
While also a highly motivated, self-starter, the template entrepreneur allows others to blaze the trail and follows only when they feel confident that the successes of the trailblazer can be achieved without suffering through the same mistakes. To this person the bottom line is the destination, not the journey. They generally prefer fast nickels to slow dimes, are willing to utilize the advice of experts, and are less likely to lose interest in a project once they have achieved success. It is of course far easier to navigate a path that has already been cleared, but the downside to this approach is that if they wait too long, it may be difficult to emulate the pioneer’s results due to the inevitable increase in competition. And while this entrepreneur is less likely to launch the next Facebook, they are also more likely to turn a profit.

What do I sell online?

Here’s where you have to make another big decision – should you begin by marketing your own product/service and keep 100% of the profits, or marketing someone else’s product/service and keep a percentage of the profits?

For persons new to the world of e-commerce, we would suggest that you begin by selling someone else’s product or service. Consider selling your own only after you have demonstrated a thorough understanding of Internet marketing techniques and achieved a satisfactory level of online success.

Affiliate Marketing

Many Internet marketers begin with affiliate marketing-the practice of advertising someone else’s product or service in exchange for a commission for each sale referred.

The methods utilized most often by affiliate marketers include PPC (pay-per-click) marketing, posting links on your own search-engine-optimized, content-related website or blog, banner advertising, and e-mail/e-newsletter marketing. There are of course, other “outside-of-the-box” methods used by savvy “super-affiliates,” but these are rarely revealed freely, as the key to successful affiliate marketing is referring traffic to the seller at the lowest possible cost.

For example, if you were to purchase 1000 clicks from Google by using their AdWords program and you paid $0.50 for each click, and 1% of the clicks resulted in sales, and each sale yielded a $10.00 commission; you would produce 10 sales and lose $400.00. Ouch.

Commission ($100) minus Cost ($500) equals Profit/Loss (-$400)

However, if you paid $0.05 for each click, assuming the same 1% conversion rate, you would profit $5.00 for each sale-a very healthy ROI (return on investment) of 100%.

Commission ($100) minus Cost ($50) equals Profit/Loss ($50)

Scaling Marketing Campaigns (the “Don Lapre Method”) to Maximize Profits

Using the same parameters, an investment of $500 in AdWords clicks would return your $500 investment plus an additional $500 profit.

Commission ($1000) minus Cost ($500) equals Profit/Loss ($500)

Rather than be satisfied with a $500 profit on a $500 investment, once convinced that the results could be repeated with a reasonable degree of consistency, a savvy internet marketer would reinvest profits in increasingly greater amounts. If successful, the marketer would become wealthy in short order.

A Little Online Marketing Perspective

While you don’t run into campaigns with 100% ROI on a daily basis, they certainly exist, and they have and will continue to make Internet millionaires of many. If we were to think of such a campaign as a machine into which you could put a single dollar and have it spit out two dollars a few days later, what that machine be worth? What would you be willing to pay for the plans to build such a machine?

But you don’t need 100% ROI to make a very good living as an affiliate marketer working only a few hours per day from home. A fairly consistent ROI of 50% would be enough to allow you to quit your day job in relatively short order. All you really need are the plans to create your own ROI machine.

Building Plans for Sale

While some “super-affiliates” will take their methods to the grave, there are others that are willing to part with them-for a price. The trick is of course, to get the best possible “plans” at the lowest possible cost. All plans are not created equal.

It is our recommendation that persons new to Internet marketing seek out the mentoring of someone who has already become wealthy by creating high ROI affiliate campaigns (not by selling online courses). Contact this person and offer to work as an apprentice for an hour or two per day to learn the methods used to create and implement high ROI affiliate campaigns. Or simply ask them what they would charge for weekly phone consultation. Or if they give seminars or webinars, begin by attending one. Or if they offer a class, take it. Or if they offer an online course, buy it. Keep in mind that doing so will likely save you the time and cost of many of the initial failures encountered by most if not all Internet marketers.

If you find the right mentor and truly heed their advice, it would probably be difficult not to at least approach their level of success.

Finally: A Word about Work from Home/Online Job Scams

While there are certainly more than enough online scams to go around, it is amusing to hear programs created by some of today’s top online marketers referred to as scams. To keep a bit of perspective it might be helpful to note that a college education generally costs tens of thousands of dollars. Somehow graduates who find themselves amongst the unemployed rarely refer to their degrees as scams. Yet, when someone takes an online course and fails to produce a profit within 30 days, the word “scam” is thrown around freely. We would suggest that students of online courses also examine their own efforts before referring to anything that has been proven to work for others as a scam. The price of a book is never a guarantee of the knowledge within.


How To Make Money Online

Can I Make Money Online Quickly and Free – Yes It’s Possible!

The internet is currently one of the biggest resources in finding money making opportunities. The thing is that you probably don’t know where to start, especially since there are so many scams out there. Are you one who’s been using search engines to find ways to make some quick cash without the worries of having to pay ‘Sign up fees’. Or maybe you’re a stay at home parent who’s searching for ways to make extra cash to pay for the groceries or gas bills. If this is the case then this is for you! One of the fastest ways to make money online free are through taking Paid Surveys.

What are Paid Surveys?

Some of your might of heard of Paid Surveys, some of you may not, but here’s the low down- Paid Surveys are questionnaires formed by market research companies. They use these surveys to gather our opinions on new brand products that are about to be put out into the market. Now some of your are wondering why they need such things from us. New products and services are being developed daily, but the companies who make them don’t know how they will fare in the markets. So they rely on market researchers to help them on that subject. Market researchers relies on consumers; everyday people like us, to give our thoughts and say on the new products. Our opinions helps the companies improve their products, and services.

How Do I Start Making Money From Surveys?

The first thing you need to do to start earning quick money is simply register to become members of the paid survey websites. Once you’ve signed up very often you’re asked to complete a few surveys called ‘profiles’ These profile surveys ask you certain questions such as hobbies, entertainment, your likes and dislikes to name a few. You must answer them honestly, because this helps the paid survey websites send you surveys that fits you, and your interests. Say that you’re sent a invitation to take a survey on broccoli meals, but you don’t like broccoli. You couldn’t answer the questions on that survey. This is why it’s important to fill out the profile surveys so you won’t get surveys like that. Once you’ve done that you’re immediately sent surveys that pays you in cash.

How Much Can I Make?

That is a question asked by many. When you complete a survey, the amount of money you’re rewarded varies. Some surveys pay you a few cents while some pays you a few bucks. Now it may not seem much but when you do a lot of surveys, it adds up as you go. Another thing is that you’re not only paid cash, some websites even pay you with gift cards, electronics, DVD’s, and so much more. In addition to completing surveys you may gain entries to their sweepstakes to win amazing prizes!


Aweber Autoresponder Review

Creating an email mailing list is the most important step of making sure your online business survives. There are several services offering ways to do this. Aweber is arguably one of the most popular autoresponder services on the internet, coming recommended by such A-list bloggers as Darren Rowse of ProBlogger. Aweber was founded in 1998, so when you deal with them you’re dealing with a company that has 12 years of experience in the field of autoresponders and email marketing.

Aweber Autoresponder Plans

Aweber has a variety of plans, starting at the very reasonable price of $19 a month, with the first month being an introductory rate of $1. The $19 a month rate is for a plan of up to 500 subscribers. You can also pay a quarterly rate of $49 or a yearly rate of $194, for a discount of almost $3 a month and a little over $11 a month, respectively. All of these prices include up to 500 subscribers.

If you have more than 500 subscribers, you will pay a monthly subscriber fee on top of the base membership fee. For 501 to 2,500 subscribers, the monthly fee is $10. For 2,501 to 5,000 subscribers, the monthly fee is $30. For 5001 to 10,000 subscribers, the monthly fee is $50. For 10,001 to 25,000 subscribers, the monthly fee is $130. For a list size of over 25,001, contact Aweber at AWEBER.COM to speak with them about pricing. These prices are extremely competitive with other autoresponder services, letting you have the option of having an excellent way to manage your email list without spending too much money.

Aweber Autoresponder Features

Get Started Today For Only $1! – AWeber Communications

Aweber has a large variety of features to help you make the most of your autoresponder emails and campaigns.

To make a good first impression on email readers, Aweber offers over 150 customizable templates, with single and multi column designs included. Numerous color schemes are available, and there are dedicated places for you to put your logo and images. These templates have been tested in every major email client (Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, and more) to make sure they look great. With Aweber’s templates and color schemes, all you have to do is pick a template you like, change the color scheme to match your branding, and place your logo in the appropriate areas – voila! You have an email designed for brand consistency, that looks great.

Another feature is the ability to send your blog content automatically as an email newsletter. This is a great option for those who don’t want to manually send out the same content twice. All you have to do is set the preferences, such as how many articles to send in a newsletter, how often to send them, and which subset of your subscribers will see them, and the rest is automatically handled for you. This is a great option to keep your name and information fresh in the mind of subscribers without having to come up with original newsletter content, saving you time and effort.

Aweber is easy to integrate with your other online presences, with Twitter and Facebook integration. You can instantly send your Twitter followers a link to new emails, keep a record of your past newsletters with the Broadcast Archive, and grow your list with a customized sign up form for these places. You can also share your past newsletters online via your website or social media profiles, to prove to subscribers that it is worth signing up to your list. Hundreds of available sign up form templates make it easy for you to customize a sign up form to match your web presence and then place that sign up form on your blog or website, to help maximize email list sign ups.

The ability to track subscriber activity with ease is another feature of Aweber’s services. You’ll know who opened what emails, who didn’t, which links were clicked and by whom, how much revenue each message brought in, and how many people unsubscribed. You can then send specific updates to certain segments of your email list, based on these details or others (such as geographic location or details provided at sign up), to make sure that the content each list subscriber is getting is relevant and designed to persuade them in the best way suited for that subscriber.

And of course, Aweber’s autoresponders are easy to set up and totally automate. Set them once, decide when to send and who to send to. Then forget about it and simply lean back while Aweber does all of the sending for you.

Aweber Service

Aweber offers free customer service to all of its customers, based in Pennsylvania in the United States. Their customer service is available Monday through Friday, 8 AM to 8 PM EST, and Saturday 9 AM to 5 PM EST. Support is offered over the phone, through email, or through an online chat. Aweber prides itself on the response time of its customer service team as well as their expertise. All Aweber customer service agents complete individual training and are kept up to date with classes.

Aweber also features an online knowledge base with instant answers to frequently asked questions. There are detailed instructions and clear explanations covering basic through advanced topics, to ensure that all of the common issues email marketers faced are addressed.

All Aweber customers have access to their free, live webinars. These events take place weekly and are live video training where you can have your questions and concerns addressed. You can also hear other marketers’ concerns and ideas, and watch past videos at any time you want.

Last but not least, Aweber offers the service of sending their blog posts directly to your inbox. This lets you read email marketing tips from Aweber’s experts, stay up to date on email industry trends, and if you choose, add your own comments to the conversation.

Aweber is an excellent choice for anyone looking to start an email list and use autoresponders to grow their business. Their combination of reasonable prices, great features, timely support, and teaching their customers makes them ahead of the pack in the autoresponder industry.

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